Capt. Nathaniel Prime -  I
In command of the 17 U. S. contingent
participating in the chase, Prime received the
personal side arms surrendered by C S N Lt.
Read as the marauders  were taken into the
custody of the Regulars stationed at Fort
Preble.   Prime would author the account of
the attack and capture appearing in the
government’s Official Records of the War of
the Rebellion
17th U. S. Infantry Color Sergeant
George B. Golden
In uniform and as he would appear aboard the
Forest City and in civilian attire as he and a
local young lady appeared before the camera  
of a Portland photographer.  Before the war’s
close Golden would serve the Union cause in
the South  where he would die a POW.  He is
interred at Salisbury National Cemetery,
Salisbury, NC.