Presentation mounted artillery bugle to
as early Civil War commander
6th Maine Battery
A thirty-five year old coastal Maine resident, ship master, Freeman McGilvery found himself in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil when the
American Civil War opened with the firing on Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor.  Upon the sea captain’s return to Maine he
became the prime mover in the raising of the 6th Maine Battery 1st Maine Mounted Artillery and would enter the war with the rank
of Captain in command of his soon to be hard fought 6th Maine Battery.  Captain McGilvery would leave his home state of Maine
with a shiny new bugle that would soon carry notes of direction in the din of battle artillery fire.  Now deeply tarnished by time and
battered by the rigors of war, the presentation inscription on the brave artillery commander’s little bugle remains:
Freeman  McGilvery   6 th   Maime   Battery   from his friends
Nathan W. Bridge   and   Thomas H. Lord   April   1 st  1862
~ '''Victoriac te Voc ''' ~