Adorned with the 6th Corps device Army of the
Potomac as was appropriate for the 4th Battery’s
service before Petersburg where he was in
command of the Battery.  Charles W, White was a
26 year old native of Skowhegan, Maine when he
mustered in as a 2nd Lieutenant on January 17,
1865.  He had just recently returned from several
years in California where his occupation was
listed simply as miner. This adventurous Maine
Yankee was present with his 4th Battery at the
surrender of Lee’s Army at Appomattox.  
Shown here mustering out with his distinguished 4th Maine
Battery in Augusta, Maine in June of 1865,  White drops from
our view until just two years later when under circumstances
unknown to us his death was recorded in the  state of Georgia.
Uniform cap
Capt. Charles W. White
4th Maine Mounted
Lt. Wm. H. Rogers
Taken less than a week before the death of
Freeman McGilvery. Rogers would promote
to Captain and gain command of the 6th
Officers & Men of the 2nd Maine Battery
by S. W. Sawyer, Augusta, Maine