A period photograph of the winter 1861 / 1862 Louden’s Hill encampment
of the
4th Maine Infantry Regiment.  Located about 2 ½ miles from
Alexandria near Fort Lyon, Virginia.   The image is overlaid by a finely
carved bone and laurel root cigar holder.
Some lucky little girl would be most pleased by a
beautifully done rag doll face lovingly fashioned from a
left over beef bone.
A winter quarters sketch by Corporal Edgar A. Burpee of the 19th Maine Infantry is annotated,
“As your special correspondent appeared while writing this letter”.   A Rockland , Maine resident young Burpee joined the fray in the
summer of 1862 when he enlisted as a Corporal of Co. I.  Before his mid May discharge in 1864 Burpee would rise to the commissioned rank of
Captain.  Captured at Jerusalem Plank Road, Virginia in June 1864 Capt. Burpee was confined in Confederate prisons at Macon, Georgia then
Columbia, South Carolina.  
W. Frank Rogers: A twenty-one year
old resident of Brownville, Maine
when he enlisted as Private of Co. H
11th Maine Infantry. Rogers was
killed in action at Bermuda Hundred,
Virginia June 2 1864.
The bone finger ring of an
unidentified member of the hard
3rd Maine Volunteers.
Frank Fairbrother :  A nineteen year old resident of
Palmyra, Maine when he enlisted as a Private of Co.
16th Maine, Fairbrother died of wounds suffered
at Gettysburg on July 1, 1863.