A patriotic badge is fashioned from fragments of the flag of the 27th / 31st Georgia Volunteer Infantry flag taken by
Bowdoinham, Maine native Lt. Silas Adams of Co. B 41st U. S. Colored Troops.  Lt. Adams recovered his cherished keepsake
from fleeing Confederate stragglers escaping the falling Confederate Capitol City of Richmond, Virginia and so treasured the
relic as to document its capture in his war journal and present it to his father for a lifetime of preservation.  The flag seemed
always to be referred to as the life of the locally prominent veteran was chronicled in hometown papers; finally referred to in his
obituary then his last will and testament.   (We are pleased to record here that while the Adams lapel badge of material clipped
from his captured 27th then 31st Georgia flag remains in our own collection of Maine war trophies, the flag, with its obvious
evidence of period souvenir clippings (likely taken by participating members of the 41st Colored Troops) now properly resides
south of the Mason Dixon line.  Verbal history of the Adams lapel badge held that that it was worn by the Lieutenant at the
surrender of General Robert E. Lee and his Army of Northern Virginia at Appomattox on April 9, 1865.  A period express
envelope bears documentation in Adams hand of presentation of the treasured flag fragment badge to his father; [Presented to
Earle W. R. Adams / A Souvenir (father)].  Retained by Adams descendants for generations still in its inscribed envelope, the
badge with the Lieutenant’s documentation as to origin is accompanied by a war time photo of Silas Adams as Lt. 41st United
States Colored Troops, a hand crafted discharge certificate bound booklet, offers penned autograph remembrances of officers of
the 41st U.S.C.T.
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