Relegated to obscurity in the shadow of such notable service as was performed by a number of Maine Civil War regiments,
the 2nd Maine Cavalry (a. k. a. 2nd Maine Veteran Volunteer Cavalry) played a vital role as the Mainers faced the particular hardship of service
in the heat and humidity of Louisiana, Florida, and Alabama.  While the troops of 2nd proved their metal in action, their service was quite different
than with the better remembered 1st Maine Cavalry, the 1st Maine Heavy Artillery, the 17th, 20th and so many other Maine regiments in that they fought in
fragmented groups in little known locations of the deep south rather than in the full strength of a complete regiment.  
Red River Campaign - Yellow Bayou - Expedition from Barrancas to Marianna - Expedition up Blackwater Bay - Expedition from Barrancas to
Pine Barren Creek - Expedition to Pollard, Ala. -  Bluff Springs - Steele's march to Mobile - Muddy Creek - assault and capture of Fort Blakely
While these mostly obscure names and actions, along with so many even less frequently known raids and scouting assignments, would carry special meaning to
the Maine Cavalrymen, the regimental infirmary would leave an even more indelible mark as 334 of 989 who left Maine would die of disease.  
Marking Stencil
Sergt. F. W. Pearce Co. A 2 Me. Cav.
Pearce as he appeared in
Tobie’s regimental history as a
1st Maine Cavalry
Frank W. Pearce was a 19 year old resident of Houlton Maine when he was mustered in on October 19,1861 as a musician in the 1st
Maine Cavalry Band.  Mustering out of the 1st Cavalry on August, 26 1862, Pearce re-enlisted on November 30, 1863 as Sargent of
Co. A 2nd Maine Cavalry.  He would remain with this Regiment mustering out at Barrancas, Florida on December 6, 1865.
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Saddle & Equipment Issue Book
Co. A 2nd Maine Cavalry
Sgt. Frank Pearce’s issue McClellan Mod. 1859 saddle and
Lt. Col. Joseph Twitchell’s leather bound notation of
equipment issue to members of Co. A 2nd Maine Cavalry.

Identification ring
A relatively common private purchase before the advent of issue
dog tags this silver identification ring identifies the wearer as