Morning Report Book - Co. L 2nd Maine Cavalry
Capt. Samuel H. Libby
A seasoned officer Sam Libby had served as a Lieutenant in the 27th
Maine, mustering out with that Regiment on July 17, 1863 then re-enlisting
a week later as Captain of Co. L 2nd Maine Cavalry.  (Libby had been one
of a number of 27th Maine troops awarded the Medal of Honor for
volunteering to extend service to protect Washington in the face of
threatening Confederate movement that would be halted at Gettysburg.)  An
official record of his Co. L, Capt. Libby’s entries are properly free of any
personal expression until December 6, 1865 when the young Captain pens
his final entry:

This is a Beautiful Day!
The Second Maine Cavalry is at last mustered out of U.S. service,
the Col. looking for a Transport to take us to the State of Maine.
page 83