Written August 22,1861 by Lt. Albert L.
on the march with his Co.K 2nd
Maine Volunteers to 2nd Bull Run,  Lt.
Cowen writes that the 2nd is on the
road that proved so disastrous on July 21st
[1st Bull Run]  
I trust this may not prove as
disastrous as did that march.
  Little does the
Lieutenant realize that he will meet death on
the battlefield of 2nd Bull Run in just over
one weeks’ time.  
Shown here is 2nd Maine recruit
Pvt .
Charles W. Tilden.  Before
the Wars conclusion Tilden would
rise to command as Colonel of the
hard fought 16th Maine Infantry.  
More on Tilden may be seen in our
earlier presentation on that
Regiment beginning on page 41.
Lt. Frank A. Garnsey is
shown here as he would have
appeared in his early gray
officer’s frock when the 2nd
left the state of Maine then
again uniformed as he would
have returned to Bangor with
his 2 Regiment.  Now Captain
Garnsey is outfitted in later war
dark blue nine button frock.  
After the war Garnsey served
as a ships steward for the
Bangor to Boston Steamship
Lines.  He remained active in
Bangor’s, Beal Post #12 G. A.
R. all his life.