Despite a tumultuous start with the 20th Maine, the transferred three
year men
of the 2nd Maine served bravely with the 20th Maine.  Most
recognized of these today is
Sgt. Andrew J. Tozier a stodgy Irishman
who’s roll as regimental flag bearer  with the 20th on Little Round Top
at Gettysburg won Congressional Medal of Honor recognition and was
immortalized in the Michael Shaara’s historical novel
Killer Angels and
the 1993 blockbuster movie adaptation
Gettysburg.  Worthy of a more
complete representation of Sgt. Toziers story, we will be doing a more
complete presentation on this fascinating character and his lifelong
attachment to Joshua Chamberlain sometime in the future.
Of 1,228 men at full
strength only 275 souls
would return to Maine for
the mustering out of the
2nd Regiment in June of
While we are required
by the magnitude of
our accumulation to
leave some things
behind, we couldn’t
possibly close this
section on the 2nd
Maine Infantry
without sharing this
tidbit from a period
newspaper with our
fellow enthusiasts.  
You may make of it
what you will.