A personal note:
As we put together this display we are reminded of the special
thanks due our sons Mark & Matthew who were raised in a
house full of antiques.  We could not have made a living or
pursued our personal collecting efforts without their cooperation
and support as they grew up attending antique and Civil War
shows and going to shops, auctions and flea-markets all at the
same time keeping up with school and their sports.  Many a neat
piece came our way when one of our ambitious young sons would
approach a show participant with;
'Please hold this till my Dad or
Mom sees it! '
 In those days we were known by our friends in the
business as the '
The Corporation'.  Our boys continue in there
aid and support of the Hayes family collection.                     
                                  Thanks Guys !
Those of you who are seasoned Civil War and vintage
Americana enthusiasts will  likely recognize us from our old
advertisement at the right.  It has been around for years and is
relatively unchanged, appearing in the Maine Antique Digest, the
old standbys Civil War News, Civil War Courier and of course,
the North South Trader’s CIVIL WAR along with our participation
and advertising in their Civil War Price Guide.  If you have been
fortunate enough to attend the dedicated earlier through Civil
War era shows of the ‘good old days’, you would have seen this
ad as a placard on our tables at the Gettysburg, Fairfax,
Richmond, Atlanta and Dalton, Georgia shows as well as the
Ashland then Mansfield  Ohio and Nashville shows to name
some of the major ones.  Our business philosophy is unchanged
from those days.  We seek out and buy what we like;
appreciating our finds first and foremost for historic and
aesthetic value.  That, after all, is all that gives these treasures a
monetary value.  Add  respect and fairness to this simple
philosophy and you have the neatest most enjoyable way to
invest in your future I can think of.  It has served Janet and I and,
our two sons  well.  Now that we are older we have throttled back
on the shows and with marked reduction in availability of ‘neat
stuff', we are quite content to buy a piece when it is made
available while devoting most of our efforts to offering for sale,
treasures from our accumulation  on our
com  site  and showing off some family ‘keepers’ on
MaineLEGACY.com.  We hope you will visit and enjoy