This old militia manual bears the 1822 dated signature of our subject’s grandfather, also named Joshua Chamberlain . The elder Chamberlain had served as a Colonel against the British in the war of 1812 and would return to service in the Maine Militia in the bloodless Aroostook War of 1838-1839. Passed down and maintained in the small family library, the manual also bears the name of younger brother Thomas in the back. Likely utilized in a portion of the common daily lessons of the brothers Lawrence, as he was called in the family, Thomas and John, each present at Gettysburg on July 2nd 1863. This little leather volume is likely Joshua Chamberlain’s first exposure to the right-wheel movement that would save the day for the 20th Maine and preserve the all important extreme left of the Union line on Little Round Top. Whether Chamberlain gave the order as Commander of the 20th that day or it came from acting Major Ellis Spear, responsible for the extreme left of the regiment’s position, became a subject of controversy between the two old warriors in their later years. Still the subject of discussion among Gettysburg historians, all agree that both preformed with gallantry that day, indeed that the 20th Maine Volunteers saved the very extreme left of the Union line from being over-run with the likely result of changing the entire outcome of the Battle of Gettysburg.