Lt. Edwin B. Dow

Born in Canada young Edwin Dow was a 26 year old Portland ,Maine resident when on February 6, 1862 he was commissioned 2nd Lt. in Freeman McGilvery’s 6th Maine Battery. He would rise to the rank of Captain and at Gettysburg his name would be etched in stone as commander of Dow’s 6th Maine Battery. Here Lt. Dow stands before a camera lens at Matthew Brady’s studio in Washington D. C.

Major James A. Hall
Photographed here as a Major, James A. Hall was a 26
year old resident of the little fishing town of
Damariscotta, Maine when he was commissioned as
1st Lieutenant 2nd Battery Maine Mounted Artillery.  
He would remain in service to the 2nd Maine Battery
until the close of hostilities in 1865.  In that time this
costal Mainer and 2nd Battery would see some of the
hardest fighting of the war. Immortalized in Maine
granite with his 2nd Battery on the field at Gettysburg,
Hall would rise through the ranks to Brevet Brigadier