Shown at left by virtue of the camera lens of famed Civil War photographer Matthew Brady, is a view of Gen. John C. Caldwell (seated at center) and his staff in the field at Fair Oaks, Virginia. A later Brady image shows Caldwell in his finest full dress as one of the Union Army’s General Officers to accompany Lincoln’s coffin on the long train journey from Washington back to Springfield, Illinois.
Another Maine General would serve as Lincoln Honor Guard. He was Major General Oliver Otis Howard. Shown here at far left in a pre-amputation view, and a later portrait with his distinctive, post amputation, left handed signature. Howard’s Bowdoin Literary Society badge is also shown here.
Born in Leeds, Maine in 1830, O. O. Howard began his Civil War service as Colonel of the 3rd Maine Volunteer Infantry. Recognition of his military prowess brought continued distinction until at the war’ s close and the fall of his Commander in Chief, Howard would again share duty with John Caldwell. This time the two early war Maine Colonels would accompany the body of President Lincoln back to Springfield.