Presented to the 2nd Maine by grateful Maine ladies whose families had relocated to California as part of the Gold Rush migration, no expense was spared in commissioning what was said to be the most magnificent battle flag of any Union regiment. A beautiful gold highlighted eagle on a blue silk field was backed by adjoining Maine and California crests. The suspension hardware and battle axe finial were of pure California silver. So too was the hardware of the accompanying leather flag bearer sling. It’s stout socket had been finely engraved Union & Liberty. The California ladies had sent their agent East to the seat of War with instructions that the flag be awarded to the first Maine regiment to reach Washington or the first regiment from Maine to contain a significant number of Maine lumberman. The 2nd Maine was recipient on both accounts. Before being returned to Bangor at the end of the 2nd Maine’s hard fought tenure, the then tattered and blood stained banner had been carried in actions to include 1st & 2nd Bull Run, Yorktown, Hanover Court House, Gaines’ Mill, Malvern Hill, Antietam and Fredericksburg. In April of 1863 the flag was placed in city archives in the city clerk’s office and for some years was taken out each Memorial Day. The treasure grew smaller on each occasion as adoring veterans cut pieces as cherished mementoes. In 1885 the California Flag was removed to the State House in Augusta.